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Wednesday, August 9, 2022


  1. Big Sessions: If short on rowers, break up the athletes into two groups. Group 2 starts 2:30 after Group 1 starts. Try to avoid athletes using bikes or ski ergs today.

  2. Clock: Should be counting UP on a 5-minute interval.

  3. Target Time each set: sub 3 minutes

  4. Time Cap each set: 4 minutes


How to Pace: CHALLENGE! Not a sprint but not a walk in the park. Ignore the burn and push to keep the high rep sets and consistent row pace. We do want to CHALLENGE ourselves to keep big sets and hold aggressive rowing pace.

How it should Feel: LACTIC ACID PARTY! Legs are getting hit from both directions with this one so stay steady and maintain good quality movement.


Wall Balls: Unbroken!!! Time to see what you are made of. The Worst case is 2 sets but definitely scale weight to try for unbroken. Keep your candace smooth, roll the arms out with every throw and breathe!!!!

Row: After a big set of wall balls the goal is to just get on the row, start pulling into a recovery pace for the first 5-8 calories and then settle into a moderate 75% effort.

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