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What Should My Friends and Family Expect During My Competition?

What should my friends and family expect if they come to cheer me on? Will I be able to see them/be with them?

This is the fourth question that I’m answering this week to help our athletes at RxFIT prepare for The Festivus Games next weekend.

Your Fans

Fitness competitions are organized in heats, where a group of athletes will complete the workout before clearing the floor and then having the next group come in. Most competitions will tell you before you show up which heat you are in and at which times your heat will be completing each workout. Forward this information on to your family and friends.

I should also mention to keep them informed as the day progresses. Many fitness competitions run behind on schedule. Keep your family and friends in the loop about any delays.

Additionally, you don’t want friends or family to drive with you to the event. If possible, carpool with a friend and have your “fans” travel separately. There is a lot of down time during fitness competitions and you don’t want your fans to feel stuck. If they drive separately, they can leave and grab food in between your workouts — or even run errands.

Every competition that I’ve attended as a spectator is really exciting for the first two hours. But after those first two hours, the day slowly drags along.

The best way to ensure a good experience for your fans is to tell them which time your heat begins for each workout, keep them up-to-date about any delays, and drive separately.

In Between Workouts

You will have a lot of down time to be with your friends and family. In fact, you will spend the majority of the competition with them.

Enjoy that time. Their presence will calm your nerves and help you recover in between workouts.


Do everything you can to ensure that your family and friends have an enjoyable experience. However, you don’t want to worry about this the day of competition.

Instead, tell them what they should expect for the day. Send them your heat times. Invite them to run errands in between your workouts.

Heck, share this article with them. It will benefit both you and them on Game Day.

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