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Wrists: Feelings, Importance, & Improvement

Let’s be honest, you have probably wondered why your wrist feel like they are going to snap when the barbell forces them back when you front squat or do clean and jerk.  You try to ease the discomfort and even PAIN by releasing the grip, crossing your arms, or even refusing to front rack a barbell.

You are not alone!  There is a reason why many of us invest in wrist wraps and straps. 

It is important for you to be aware of the difference between discomfort and pain.  

Discomfort is like a yellow light:

You may proceed with awareness and caution.

Pain is like a red light:

Talk to your coach and find an appropriate modification.  Depending on your level of pain it may be a good idea to seek the advice of a medical pro.


Wrists are a complex joint full of bone, ligaments, connective tissue, muscles and nerves. It has multiple ranges of movement—flexion and extension (moving the palm backward or forward relative to the forearm), adduction and abduction (moving the hand from side to side).

Another thing to consider is that if we lack motion at the wrist, we’ll try to make the motion up at the shoulder and elbow. Compensation can lead to other issues that we want to avoid in other areas of our body.


Your wrist is much like any other part of your body that needs TLC.  You need to strengthen, mobilize, and take care of the situation… NOT JUST IGNORE IT.  The best way to get better at a position is to SPEND TIME IN THE POSITION without risk of injury brought on by load (heavy weight) and intensity (trying to go fast in a metcon). So….

Here are 3 things you can do everyday to help you get those wrists feeling good

  1. 1. Wrist Rotations: This is very basic. Make a fist and move your wrists around in every possible direction. Hold any position that feels a little tender/limited for a few seconds. Repeat often throughout the day.

  1. 2. Static Holds: Pull your wrist back into extension and/or flexion and hold for at least 20-30 seconds.

  1. 3. Front Rack Position: Set up in a rack position, with your elbows pointing as far forward as possible and weight sitting on your shoulders. Pick up the bar and rotate your elbows forward, then re rack the bar. Repeat this process until you see a change in your rack position.

Your body takes time to make change and adaptations.  Be patient and make time to improve your wrists every day.  You can also help yourself out by investing in a cool set of Rogue wrist wraps.

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