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Programming Analysis

As we close out another quarter at RxFIT, we have taken a deep-dive into certain processes in order to improve the overall service and experience to our athletes. One of those operational processes was our approach to programming workouts, which I want to talk about in-depth the rest of this week and into next.

We strive for workouts to always be both varied and intense–varied in workout domains and intense in leveled metcons. The eight variables that we will now track meticusly, and publish publicly, are as follows:

  1. Modality/Load

  2. Time

  3. Total Repetitions

  4. Scheme

  5. Priority

  6. Movements (Gymnastics)

  7. Movements (Weightlifting)

  8. Movements (Monostructural)

For the next six days, I plan to talk about why these variables are so important to us. I also plan to share with you a unique tool that you can use in order to determine a program’s effectiveness.


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