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Two Tools

Yesterday, I spoke with my team of athletes and had them rate this past week on a scale of 1-10. A 10 meant that they did everything they could to get fitter, a 1 meant that they made excuses and didn’t complete any workouts. My team had an average score of 5.

You, like they, are probably feeling a bit frustrated with this new routine. Working out from home is hard! Being quarantined at home is hard! Life in general right now is hard!

I know how you feel. I’ve spoken with at least 50 of you on the phone this week. The uncertainity of employment and education is worrysome.

To make matters worse, you’re exhausted. When the rest of the world seems to be slowing and shutting down, you’re speeding and powering up. You’re supplementing your low-energy with more and more caffeine.

To make matters worse, you feel like your best efforts yield no results. You’ve now given up on trying to homeschool your kids, making healthy meals for your family, and working out. Let’s face it: the alternatives of video games, pizza delivery, and sleeping in are so much easier.

So, where do we go from here?

Two Tools

You still have control over what matters.

Your first tool is that today, Sunday, you get to press the great “restart” button. Today, you get to reflect on your week and commit to being better. You get to set goals and make plans so next week is different.

Your second tool is that you’ve been given a coach. When you first signed up at RxFIT, you received a trainer. Your trainer wecomed you as you came into the door each day, cheered you on as the workouts got tough, and gave you “knucks” as you lay down on your back gasping for air after. But now, you have a coach – a professional friend who cares enough about your health and happiness to check in with you twice a day. A coach who consistently follows-up with you, even when you forget to report. A coach who cares to listen and understand your struggles.

How can you then take advantage of these two tools?


My first invitation to you is to take advantage of that time today – even if it’s five minutes. Set a timer on your phone and disconnect for a moment. What about your current routine do you not like? Then, commit to doing something about it. Set a goal and make the plans so your routine is different next week.

My second invitation to you is to take advantage of your coach. Tell your coach what your goal and plans are to make this week’s routine better. Your coach is less concerned about you reporting all “5 Factors” and more concerned about your health and happiness. Instead of reporting the number of reps you accumulated during an AMRAP, consider just telling your coach whether or not you started the workout at your designated 11:00 a.m. workout time. Or whether or not you ate sugar. Or if you didn’t hit snooze in the morning.

Essentially, I’m challenging you to use the law of attraction. Telling someone your goal greatly increases your chances of achieving it. But telling someone your goal and then asking them to hold you accountable to it (i.e. your RxFIT coach), will make your goal that much more achievable.

As you hit the “restart” button today, so will RxFIT. We took 15-minutes yesterday morning as a staff to disconnect. We talked about what we wanted to improve on. We then set goals and made plans on how to make this week better than last. 

And of course, we wouldn’t ask you to report if we weren’t doing the same. We will then report on these goals and plans every night to our Head Coach (Miranda).

Sure, the future is uncertain. But one thing will forever remain: RxFIT exists to deliver you results.


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